Frequently asked questions

Is ordering online secure?

Yes. We take the utmost care with the information that you provide us when placing an order on our website (or through any other means). The server that hosts our website encrypts and secures the transmission of all payment data and personal information. Your order is insured during the entire shipment. If you do not receive your order in good condition, then we will replace your order, free of charge..

Is it possible to try out the Steve+, Steve easyOn, Steve Glide Dolphin or gloves somewhere?

Yes, you can comfortably try out our products at one of our dealers. Here you will also receive an instruction from one of our trained and certified consultants.

You can also order one of our products online using this website. We give you the opportunity to return your order within 14 days if you are not satisfied. You will receive the purchase price back within 30 days. This means that you have the possibility to try out your order for 2 weeks. If you need extra support, you can always contact us at or by phone at +31 6 1508 4573. We can also bring you into contact with one of our trained and certified dealers or consultants for some extra instruction.

Can I use the Steve products for all types of support stockings?

Yes, all types of compression stockings can easily be put on and taken off with the Steve+/ Steve products. This includes the following support stockings: up to the groin, up to the knee, open toe and closed toe, very tight and very elastic stockings. Especially in combination with the Steve Gloves (special gloves) you are ensured to be able to independently put on and remove your compression stockings.

I have support tights, can I use the Steve+ as well?

In many cases, the Steve products are also suited for the donning and doffing of support tights. You can visit one of our dealers to try out yourself if the Steve+ is in this case a solution for you. You can also easily order one of our products and try out at home. If you are not satisfied, you can return your order within 14 days. In this case you will receive your purchase price back.

I suffer from rheumatic problems on my hands, which product is the most suitable for me?

When you suffer from Rheumatism or Arthritis, the Steve+ and Steve easyON are exceptionally suitable as a tool for the donning and doffing of compression stockings. However, we do recommend wearing our Steve Gloves as well, for maximum grip on your stockings.

Due to a hip replacement, it is impossible for me to bend. Can I still use the Steve+?

Yes. There is no need for bending when using the Steve+. This makes the Steve+ very suitable for users with for example hip problems.

I can only use one hand, can I use Steve+?

No, to use Steve+ you need to use both hands.