Steve+ makes it possible to put on and remove your stockings completely independent

  • Applicable for all types of compression stockings – both arm and leg
  • No need to bend over
  • The solution for rheumatism and arthritis
  • Completely disassemble so easy to take along
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The multidimensional Steve+ easyON

  • Applicable for all types of compression stockings, both arm and leg
  • Only slightly bending needed – up to your shinbone
  • Can be used independently, but also by a caregiver

The more durable and hygienic alternative to the gliding bag.

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The ultra smooth Steve Glide Dolphin for open toe

  • Putting on your compression stockings very easily
  • Also suited for removing compression stockings when you get the additional Steve Glide OFF
  • Also very suitable for caregivers in the home and informal care
  • The best in quality and the cheapest in its kind

We also have a more durable alternative, the Steve+ easyON.

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