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  1. Steve Complete Reviews with

    Compression sock aid for easy on and easy off

    The most comfortable tool for putting on compression socks. Suitable for both putting on and taking off all types of stockings. without bending over.

    As low as A$99.97
  2. Steve EasyON Reviews with

    Therapeutic elastic stocking puller 3 in 1

    The fast and durable donning aid, suitable for donning all types of stockings and socks. Also the best aid for arm sleeves

    As low as A$39.93
  3. Steve Ring OFF Reviews with

    Compression sock removal aid for easy off

    Can be used separately as an aid for taking off compression socks from someone else.

    As low as A$29.53
  4. Steve Glide Clipper Reviews with

    Socks aid for compression socks easy on

    The latest and most innovative "Slide-solution" for putting on compression socks. Suitable for both open and closed toe stockings.

  5. Steve Glide Dolphin Reviews with

    Donner for support stockings

    The quick and resistance reducing donning aid for compression socks. Suitable for all types of support socks.

    As low as A$19.81
  6. Steve Glide OFF Reviews with

    Support socks removal tool

    With Steve Glide OFF you can transform your Steve Glide into a compression sock removal aid as well.

  7. Steve Gloves Latex Free Reviews with

    Grip gloves for optimum grip on your compression socks

    Latex-free variant of the grip gloves for maximum grip and protection of the compression stockings. A must have for wearers and carers!

    As low as A$4.58
  8. Steve Gloves Latex Reviews with

    Grip gloves for easy donning of compression socks easy

    Special grip gloves for putting on and taking off compression socks. Indispensable when handling compression stockings.

    As low as A$4.08
  9. Steve Travelbag Reviews with

    Handy carrying bag for your Steve donning aids

    The convenient Steve travel bag, suitable for carrying or storing all your support stocking aids.