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Stocking Aids STEVE® Instructions

Donning and Doffing Compression Socks with Open Toe with Donning Aid STEVE+

Putting On and Taking Off Compression Stockings with Closed Toe with Donning Tool STEVE+

Apply and Remove Support Hose Thigh High with Donner and Doffer STEVE+

Positioning the Heel without Bending Over with Donning Aid STEVE+

Put On a Compression Sock without Stretching the Foot with Donning Tool STEVE+

Donning Support Socks with Donning Aid with Donning Aid STEVE+ easyON

Putting On Thigh High Stockings with Stocking Aid STEVE+ easyON

Correct Positioning of the Heel with STEVE+ easyON

Application of an Arm Sleeve with Application Aid STEVE+ easyON

Putting On Compression Stockings by a Nurse

Doffing a Support Hose at a Patient

Donning Compression Socks with Donner STEVE Glide Dolphin

Doffing Compression Socks with Doffing Aid STEVE Glide OFF

Putting On a Compression Sock with Donning Aid STEVE Glide Clipper

Taking Off a Support Hose with Sock Tool STEVE Glide OFF