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STEVE+ EasyON| the quickest applicator on the market | arm and leg

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The multifunctional Steve+ EasyON is the quick donning aid for all types of compression stockings for both arm and leg.

Are you looking for an easy and fast tool to put on a support hose or compression stocking (or even normal socks)? Then the Steve+ EasyON is your solution.

Simply roll down the compression stocking over the donning shovel, step into the compression stocking and reach out with your hands to your calf. Then roll the compression stocking onto your leg in 2 seconds by pulling the Steve+ EasyON up to your knee.

Are you looking for an applicator for arm sleeves? The Steve+ EasyON is an easy-to-use and excellent solution.

Are you looking for a donning aid to put on a support hose at someone else? Steve+ EasyON reduces the physical effort to a minimum and enables you to put on the support hose or compression stockings in no time!

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Steve+ EasyON is the smart compact stocking aid for arm and leg

The Steve+ EasyON is suitable for both arm and leg stockings. With Steve+ EasyON, putting on your compression stockings is a piece of cake. When putting on your compression stockings, Steve+ EasyON reduces the required effort to a minimum. Just install the compression stocking over the black donning shovel and you can effortlessly step into your compression stocking or support hose.

Steve+ EasyON is also very suitable for informal and home care. In this way of use we advise you to take one size bigger than when using the stockings independently. Donning the compression stockings or a support hose at a patient or relative with Steve+ EasyON only requires a minimum of physical effort. In combination with the Steve+ Ring it is the ideal set for the comfortable donning and doffing of compression stockings. Additionally, both the Steve+ EasyON and the Steve+ Ring can be disinfected and used with several clients.

For a wide applicability, available in 4 sizes.

Product Benefits:

✅  Ideal for indepedantly donning all types of compression stockings and any kind of support hose.

✅  Also very suitable for putting on normal socks.

✅  Put on your leg stocking (both open and closed toe) with limited bending over to your calf.

✅  The more durable and hygienic alternative to the glide solutions.

✅  The ultimate aid for informal and home care when putting on compression stockings or a support hose.

More Information
More Information
Manufacturer WestCare
Brand Steve

Self-application of a leg stocking

Self-application of an arm sleeve

Application of a leg stocking by a nurse


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