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Steve Gloves Latex

Grip gloves for optimum grip on your compression socks

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As low as $4.79

Special grip gloves for putting on and taking off compression socks. Indispensable when handling compression socks. 

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Grip gloves for donning compression socks Steve Gloves for maximum grip

These gloves are a musthave for anyone who handles compression socks. The special Steve Gloves provide maximum grip on the compression socks, so less effort is needed when putting them on and taking them off. This is beneficial for both you and the stocking, as unnecessary pulling on the socks can be avoided. Pulling on the sock significantly deteriorates the quality of the elastic, so the compression sock will not last as long. In addition, the sock is prevented from being damaged by, for example, nails or jewelery, thus prolonging its life.

Grip gloves and other tools for compression socks?

Use Steve Gloves with other donning devices for support socks, such as Steve Complete or Steve EasyON. It is easier to roll the sock onto the aid because the palms provide more grip. After putting on the sock with the aid, use your hands to rub away any wrinkles in the sock.

Why Steve Gloves?

Suize guide

 Maximum grip on the compression sock

 Breathable fabric with latex palm

 Extends the life of compression socks

Ideal for rubbing out wrinkles in the sock

Wide range of sizes for perfect fit

size guide for Steve Gloves Latex for donning compression socks

Extra Information

Manufacturer:                      WestCare

Material:                                 Polyester and latex

Cleaning instructions:      Steve Gloves are washable at 30°C and can be cleaned with alcohol


Stockingaid.com Reviews with ekomi-us.com


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