• Steve Ultimate Comfort Pack AEC
  • Steve Ultimate Comfort Pack AEC


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package of Steve Originals donning aind doffing aids for compression socks
package of Steve Originals donning aind doffing aids for compression socks Compression sock aid Steve Complete (Demo Video) - Compression stockings on and off without bending steve complete donning and doffing aid for coompression socks with handles on lowest position and ring in front next to its packaging lady is sitting with her legs crossed with the Steve Glide Clipper donning aid for TED stockings installed over her foot lady is rubbing her support hose with the Steve grip gloves latex free foot is placed on Steve Mat donning tool for compression hosiery green Steve Travelbag for storage and carrying of the Steve Originals donning and doffing aids for compression socks

Steve Ultimate Comfort Pack AEC

Maximize your level of donning and doffing comfort

Special discount comfort pack, exclusively for AECorner customers.
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Steve Originals® Ultimate Comfort Pack

The consistent and daily wearing of compression socks is very important to benefit from the medical effect of it. Next to this, the stocking needs to fit very tightly around the leg, which makes putting them on and taking them off a tough job.

With Steve Originals, donning and doffing your compression socks becomes a simple part of your daily routine instead of something you are reluctant to!

Only for our Adaptive Equipment Corner customers we have a very special limited offer. Instead of choosing one of our products, we have composed the ultimate Steve Originals comfort pack for you. This package exists of our Steve Complete donning and doffing aid and is additionally supplemented with lots of extra’s that will truly make putting on and taking off compression stockings a breeze. This all of course, for a special price!

What is all in the package?

  • Steve Complete (normally $110.33)
  • Steve Glide Clipper (Normally $31.68)
  • Steve Gloves Latex (normally $5.65)
  • Steve Mat (normally $19.99)
  • Steve Travel Bag (normally $11.75)

Total: $179.40

Special Package Price $ 148.99

Profit now from a 17% discount!

Famous Dutch Quality

All Steve Originals are developed in The Netherlands. Benefit from the best quality in design and used materials.

Experts by Experience

Developed by and for wearers of medical compression socks. You will experience the difference, our devices work.

Extensive Support

We promise you the best instructions & support. Every person is unique, this is why we offer you a wide range of instructions and videos.

Many satisfied customers preceded you

For whom and when?

  • Little strength
  • Backpains and limited mobility
  • Deviant foot shape or deviant hand/ arm function
  • High instep or abnormal position of the toes
  • Rheumatism or arthritis

Discover all products from the AECorner Comfort Pack

Steve Complete

Steve Complete is the most comfortable stocking aid available and can be used as a tool to put on and take off all types of elastic support stockings. Using Steve Complete requires just a little effort and you do not have to bend over. In addition, there is no need to lift your leg, which makes Steve Complete the best stocking puller for support stocking wearers with limited mobility.

Steve Glide Clipper

Steve Glide Clipper is our newest sliding bag solution with two handy handles and patented clip closure, which can be used for both open as closed toe stockings. After wrapping the glide around your foot and the handles around your knee, the stocking slides up your leg with ease. When the stocking is on, you just pull the handles to release the unique clip closure in order to remove the glide.

By combining Steve Glide Clipper and Steve Complete, putting on stockings becomes even more easy and effortless because you double the sliding power. This combined way of use is recommended for people suffering from for example arthritis or rheumatism, an abnormal foot form or function or for those who generally lack strength or mobility.

Steve Grip Gloves Latex

The Steve grip gloves are a must-have when handling compression socks. They provide maximum grip on the compression socks, so less effort is needed when rolling up the stocking on the Steve Complete. Ater the stocking is put on, you can use your gloved hands to rub out wrinkles.

Next to this, the use of gloves will protect the stocking from nails, jewelry and unnecessary pulling which will prolong its lifespan.

Steve non-slip Mat

Steve Mat, made of natural rubber, provides a non-slip natural gripping surface to help with the correct fitting of the heel or toe of the stocking with the most ease. Steve Mat makes it possible to do this from a seated position, by simply sliding your foot back and forth on the non-slip mat until the stocking fits perfectly.

Steve Travel Bag

For the completion of the Ultimate Comfort Pack, the Steve Travel bag is of course included as well. A handy, small backpack in cheerful green to fit in all your Steve Originals. Easy for a weekend trip or to just store all your Steve Originals neatly.

Comprehensive instructions

We highly value good instructions. With every product, we provide our comprehensive and illustrated user manual as standard. In addition, you will find various detailed instructional videos on our instructions & videos page. Here you will find videos for each type of stocking as well as videos for specific uses.

Do you still have questions or do you encounter a specific problem? We are happy to help because we are convinced that everyone should be able to work with Steve Complete!

Steve Complete is available in 4 different sizes

For optimum ease of use and comfort, the Steve Complete donning aid is available in 4 different sizes. Choosing the right size is very important, so always measure your calf circumference and maximum foot width.

Do you have any questions about the right size? Please contact us and we will be happy to assist you!

Size guide

Extra Information

Manufacturer WestCare
Material ABS, Nylon, Aluminum
Warranty 2 years
Cleaning Instructions Steve Complete is easy to clean. Wash Steve Complete with mild soap , rinse thoroughly with water and dry with a clean cloth.

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