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Steve+ becomes Steve Complete

In 2015, WestCare introduced the successor to the Steve2 donning aid for compression stockings: the Steve+.

After 6 successful years of Steve+ we decided to change the name to Steve Complete. This because of the fact that with Steve Complete, you get the complete total solution for both putting on and taking off your compression stockings independently, without bending over. We believe that Steve Complete as a name better describes the function of the tool than the previous Steve+, which was also written as Steve Plus.

Steve Originals® for ultimate comfort

In addition, we have added the “Steve Originals®” label. This way you can be sure that you are dealing with a high-quality product from the Steve range and not with a less well-functioning replica.

To create a clear logic globally and streamline our product offering, we have adapted some of our product names:
STEVE+ becomes Steve Complete
STEVE+ EasyOn becomes Steve EasyON
STEVE Ring becomes Steve Ring OFF
Steve Glide Dolphin OFF becomes Steve Glide OFF

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