Woman puts on compression stocking with the help of the Steve donning aid and doffing aid.

Donning and doffing of (tigh-high) compression stockings independently with stocking aid Steve Complete

Do you wear compression stockings and do you have difficulty putting them on and taking them off? With the support stocking aid Steve Complete you can put on and take off your compression stockings independently, without having to bend down or exert a lot of force. Steve Complete stands for ultimate comfort and ease of use and can be used for putting on and taking off all types of stockings.

Are you curious about how this tool works exactly? Read the explanation below or watch the Steve Complete instructional video.

Assembling the Steve donning aid

♦ The Steve Complete donning aid consists of seven parts.

♦ Place the green base in front of you and click the black pull-on shaft (also known as the Steve EasyON) in the green base.

♦ Make sure that the push buttons are securely in place.

Woman displays the various STEVE+ parts on the table.Woman clicks the easyON into the STEVE+ donning aid for compression stockings.

♦ The handles each consist of two parts. Take the lower and upper tube section and slide them together a little. Press the push button and then slide them further together. After you have set the desired height, tighten the lock.

♦ Do not disassemble the handles after assembly, this will prevent you from losing the loose parts in the handles.

♦ If you disassemble the Steve Complete, you can slide the handles together so that they take up less space.

Woman slides the two different parts of a STEVE+ handle together.Woman presses the push button on the STEVE+ handle.Woman tightens STEVE+ handle lock.

♦ Take the mounted handles and fix them in the green base using the push button. Check that the handles are properly secured in the green base.

♦ You can adjust the height of the handles.

♦ First loosen the lock, then set the correct height of the handle. When the nipple has come out through the desired hole, retighten the lock.

Woman tightens STEVE+ handle retaining ring.  Woman adjusts the height of the handles of the STEVE+ donning aid.Woman tightens STEVE+ handle retaining ring.

Putting on the stocking with Steve Complete

♦ Place the Steve Complete donning aid in front of you, for example on a table.

♦ Take the elastic stocking with the heel piece towards you and turn the edge of the stocking over for a good grip.

♦ Place the (groin) stocking in the Steve Complete and first slide the turned-up collar over the black pull-on shaft at the back. Then pull the stocking downwards.

Woman grabs a compression stocking to start installing it on the STEVE+ compression stocking donning aid.  Woman turns the edge of the support stocking over and places it on the STEVE+ donning aid for support stockings.

♦ For maximum grip on the stocking, we recommend putting on the Steve grip gloves.

♦ Enclose the stocking that is around the pull-on tube with your hands, now roll the stocking down evenly until the heel piece of the stocking is half over the edge of the pull-on shaft.

♦ Check whether the heel of the stocking is in the middle of the pull-on tube.

Woman strips the compression stocking on the STEVE+ donning aid using the STEVE grip gloves.  Woman places the heel of the compression stocking correctly on the STEVE+ donning aid.

♦ Sit on a chair (not too high).

♦ Tilt Steve Complete towards you.

♦ Point your foot and insert it completely into the compression stocking. After this, gently pull the Steve Complete up your leg with back and forth movements. In this way the stocking does not stretch too much and it rolls around your leg.

Woman sits on chair and places foot in the opening of the compression stocking.  Woman places foot in the support stocking, which is attached to the STEVE+ donning aid.Woman places foot in the support stocking, which is attached to the STEVE+ donning aid.

♦ You can now put Steve Complete away. You now manually pull up the top of the compression stocking from the knee. Now position the compression stocking in the right place without creases by rubbing using the Steve grip gloves.

Woman wraps the edge of the groin stocking around the leg.  Woman rubs the wrinkles out of the compression stocking with the STEVE grip gloves.

Remove compression stocking with Steve Complete

♦ Before removing t, you must first remove the black pull-on tube from the Steve Complete

♦ Take Steve Complete and hold it horizontally. Press 1 push button with 1 hand, this causes the pull-on tube to come out a little bit from the base on 1 side.

♦ Now pull the Steve EasyON out of the base.

Woman removes the STEVE+ easyON from the STEVE+ donning aid.Woman holds the STEVE+ donning aid horizontally.Woman removes the STEVE+ easyON from the base of the STEVE+ donning aid

Before using the Steve Complete to remove the stocking, you must place the Steve Ring OFF under the stocking.

♦ Strip the top part of the compression stocking tightly until below the knee.

♦ Grab the Steve Ring OFF and make sure you can read the text "Steve+".

♦ Place the ring around your leg, with the opening of the ring facing forward.

Woman turns the top edge of the groin stocking downwards.  Woman grabs the STEVE Ring.Woman turns the STEVE Ring on the leg correctly.

♦ Now slide the ring on one side of the stocking a few centimeters below the collar.

♦ Then slide the ring on the other side of the stocking. The ring is now fully stocked.

♦ The ring should be parallel under the compression stocking.

Woman puts the STEVE Ring under the compression stocking. Woman places the STEVE Ring completely under the stocking to be able to take it off.

♦ Put your leg through the handles of Steve Complete, put your foot on the floor and slide the green base with the bottom over the stocking-lined ring. Now push the ring downwards with a smooth movement.

♦ Push Steve Complete away from you as soon as it touches the ground. Steve Complete takes the stocking with him.

♦ You can also pull your leg out after Steve Complete hits the ground.

Woman gently pushes the compression stocking down the leg with the STEVE+ aid.Woman removes the compression stocking using the STEVE+ removal aid.  Woman pushes foot out of support stocking with STEVE+ support stocking aid.

Steve Originals® donning aids for compression stockings

Steve Complete is the most comfortable donning aid available. With Steve Complete you don't have to bend down and use only minimal force to put on your compression stockings. Taking off the compression stockings is also effortless and without bending. Steve Complete is the ideal aid for when you don't want to go a day without compression stockings and when self-reliance is important.

Looking for a different type of aid? In addition to the Steve Complete, we offer a complete range of other donning aids for compression stockings. From full support to that little bit of extra comfort: Steve always has a donning aid that suits you.