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  • Steve Ring OFF

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black removal tool Steve Ring OFF for removing compression stockings next to the package
black removal tool Steve Ring OFF for removing compression stockings next to the package Support stocking removal aid Steve Ring OFF - Use by home care or informal care home care worker uses the Steve Ring OFF removal aid to make it easier to take off compression stockings at someone else compression stocking removal tool Steve Ring OFF, suitable for removing elastic stockings from a care recipient caregiver puts on support stocking on an elderly lady with the help of the Steve EasyON donning aid for compression stockings old lady uses the Steve Ring OFF together with the Steve Complete for taking off her compression stockings independently

Steve Ring OFF

Compression stocking removal aid for easy off

As low as €32.95
Can be used separately as an aid for taking off compression stockings from someone else.

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Doffing aid for compression socks Steve Ring OFF: the helping hand for caregivers

The Steve Ring OFF is the indispensable component of the Steve Complete for removing compression socks independently without bending over. When you order the Steve Complete, you will receive this part as standard. In this case, ordering the Steve Rinf OFF separately is not necessary.

The Steve Ring OFF can also be used individually for taking off compression socks from someone else, by informal caregivers or home care nurses. Place the Steve Ring OFF over the stocking , about 10 cm below the edge and with the opening on the shin side. Then roll the stocking over the ring and pull the ring with the stocking down the leg effortlessly and without applying unnecessary force. The Ideal aid for home care givers who must perform the physically demanding act of removing compression socks several times a day.

Use the Steve Ring OFF in combination with the Steve EasyON to easily don the sock on a patient too

Why choose the Steve Ring OFF?

  • Tool for taking off support socks from someone else
  • Reduce physical effort in home and informal care
  • Can be disinfected for use with multiple clients

TIP: Order the special gloves  Steve Gloves for maximum grip on the compression sock and preventing damage to the stockings.

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All Steve Originals are developed in The Netherlands. Benefit from the best quality in design and used materials.

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Developed by and for wearers of medical compression socks. You will experience the difference, our devices work.

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Steve Ring OFF is available in 4 different sizes

The Steve Ring OFF size range corresponds to the size range of the Steve Complete total solution. It is not possible to combine different sizes of Steve Ring OFF and the Steve Complete.

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Extra Information

Manufacturer WestCare
Material Nylon
Warranty 2 years
Cleaning Instructions the Steve Ring OFF is easy to clean. Wash the Steve Ring OFF with mild soap , rinse thoroughly with water and dry with a clean cloth.

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