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Therapeutic elastic stockings and compression stockings

People with a condition to the vascular or lymphatic systems are required to wear therapeutic elastic stockings, also called TES. These elastic stockings exert great pressure on the vasculature of the legs. This allows symptoms to decrease or results from a therapy treatment to last longer. Therapeutic elastic stockings may also have a preventive effect. Through the use of the stockings, symptoms can be prevented or they can prevent a condition from getting worse.



Compression stockings

There are hundreds of different types of compression stockings available. The stockings can be subdivided in pressure value class, length size and knitting technique. A distinction is also made between confection stockings and custom made stockings. The length of the stockings can vary from below the knee, to halfway up the femur or groin. In addition there are also stocking available with a hip piece, stockings with an upper piece and support tights. Problems in the legs can be caused by for example genetic predisposition, pregnancy and hormonal factors. Also factors like your profession, age and weight can influence the occurrence of for example varicose veins, thrombosis or lymphedema. Compression stockings could be reimbursed by your insurer, when they are prescribed by your doctor, dermatologist, bandagist, phlebologist and general (vascular) surgeon. If you have questions about the coverage of your insurance, please contact your insurance company. The maintenance of your stockings is very important. It is better to wash the stockings on a regular basis, to recover the pressure of the stockings. Please consult your bandagist or therapist about the best way to maintain your stockings, and when your stockings need to be replaced.

The donning and doffing of your elastic stockings made effortlessly by Steve+

Steve+ makes it possible to put on and take off all types of elastic support stockings. With or without assistance and without bending. Worldwide, millions of people need to wear therapeutic elastic stockings for medical reasons. To this day, it was hard to put on and take off these stockings. That is something of the past thanks to Steve+!

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