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In a balanced system of blood clotting, blood clotting only occurs to stop bleeding. In the case of thrombosis this balance is disrupted and blood clotting occurs without any bleeding.

Thrombosis can occur from various causes. It can be caused by the quality of the blood vessel, think of arteriosclerosis for example. A slowed blood circulatory can cause thrombosis, for example during prolonged bed rest or an operation. Finally, the blood itself can be the cause, from a shortage of inhibitors of the blood clotting or an excess of blood cells. Thrombosis can occur in every vein (arterial thrombosis) or artery (venous thrombosis). Venous thrombosis has a preference to occur in the legs. This is called a thrombosis leg. If the blood clot in the thrombosis leg loosens and gets stuck in the blood vessels of the lungs, we call this pulmonary embolism. The causes, treatment and prognosis are similar, which is why the treatment is similar. Below is described how thrombosis can be prevented.

For the treatment of a thrombosis leg and pulmonary embolism, therapeutic elastic stockings, in addition to medication, play an important role. This ensures that an excess of fluid located in the body part (edema), is transported away because the body itself is not properly capable of that anymore. This will prevent thrombosis.

These ensure that an excess of fluid located in the body part (edema) is transported away, the body itself is not properly capable of that anymore, which prevents thrombosis.

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