Background WestCare

The development of the Steve+ goes back to the 80s. My grandfather had developed a tool in the mid-80s for my great-grandmother, allowing her to put her support stockings on and off by herself. With this tool ‘James’, she was capable to keep on living by herself and she made use of it every day for years.

The need for a good tool

In 2004, I became a victim of a car incident. Severe leg injuries caused me to wear a compression stocking. This is how I was faced with the difficulty of putting on and removing those tight stockings. That made me realize the need for a good tool, because there are so many people wearing compression stockings and struggling with putting those stockings on and off every single day.

After my recovery I decided to continue with the development of the “James”. WestCare was founded and at the end of 2006 the “Steve” was introduced into the Dutch market. With this tool, the user is capable of putting on and removing support stockings in a simple way, completely independent.

Steve2 and Steve+

In 2009 the Steve was slightly modified and the Steve2 was introduced into various countries. After selling about 15.000 pieces, it was time for the next step: the Steve+. Thanks to all the acquired user experiences, the Steve+ includes a lot of improvements and is even more easy to use.

Total product range

In addition to the Steve+, we have also developed a number of other tools. This allows us to offer a total product range for putting on and taking of compression stockings. Within the Steve+ Concept, we offer a variety of solutions which facilitate in the donning and doffing of compression stockings. Starting with tools that make it more easy and comfortable to put on and remove stockings, up to a tool which enables people to stay independent while they would otherwise be designated to a caregiver. We continue to innovate our products, with the aim of optimizing your convenience in wearing support stockings.

Partner of Huis van Morgen

The changes in health care require new solutions. The “House of Tomorrow” is an initiative of the Care Innovation Center West Brabant, a Dutch organization. In the House of Tomorrow, you can be introduced to smart and useful applications which support your care needs.
WestCare is partner of the House of Tomorrow.

Visit the website of Huis van Morgen for more information

The Steve+ is the result of dozens of years of development

Steve+ (2014)

Steve (2006)

James (1988)

WestCare Headquarters

We are located in city center of Amsterdam.

All our products are developed in the Netherlands. Some products are produced abroad, but the Steve+ is completely manufactured in the Netherlands. Due to a strict quality management system, all our products will reach you in perfect condition.

Our products have been extensively tested by the target group before market introduction. However, if you have points of improvement then please let us know. After all, we strive at all times for the best possible solution for the donning and doffing of compression stockings.