• Steve Gloves Latex Free
  • Steve Gloves Latex Free

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Steve grip gloves with green latex-free grip for putting on compression stockings next to its packaging
Steve grip gloves with green latex-free grip for putting on compression stockings next to its packaging palm and back of the special latex free Steve Gloves pull-on gloves for more grip on the therapeutic elastic stocking woman uses the Steve Gloves Latex Free grip gloves for the correct positioning of her elastic stocking

Steve Gloves Latex Free

Grip gloves for optimum grip on your compression socks

As low as A$8.41
Latex-free variant of the grip gloves for maximum grip and protection of the compression stockings. A must have for wearers and carers!

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Support socks grip gloves latex-free for maximum grip on your socks

Do you wear compression socks yourself or help other people put on and take off the elastic stockings? In that case, these Steve Gloves grip gloves are among the basic essentials. They provide maximum grip on the stocking, reducing the amount of force you need to use and making the handling of the compression socks much easier. In this way the compression stockings are protected against unnecessary stretching, but also against damage that you might accidentally cause with your nails or jewelry. In this way, you extend the life of the compression socks.

These latex free grip gloves are the best choice for when you are allergic or hypersensitive to latex. The latex palm of these gloves has been replaced by a nitrile palm: a soft and skin-friendly material. In this way, the gloves retain their good fit and wearing comfort and still offer the same optimum grip and protection for the stocking as with the latex variant.

The Steve Gloves are latex free and powder-free and therefore offer optimal allergy-free protection, also ideal for when you are hypersensitive to latex and want to prevent the development of a latex allergy.

Steve Gloves grip gloves combined with other compression sock aids?

We always recommend using the Steve Gloves grip gloves. So even if you plan to use another aid, like the Steve Complete or the Steve EasyON. When you use the grip gloves for rolling up the compression sock on the device, it will be easier for you since you have more grip in the palms of your hands. After putting on the compression sock using the donning tool, use the Steve Gloves to rub away any folds or wrinkles in the compression stocking.

Why choose the Steve Gloves Latex Free?

  • Breathable fabric with latex-free palm
  • Suitable for users with a latex allergy
  • Maximum grip on all types of stockings
  • Extends life of compression socks
  • Ideal for rubbing out wrinkles in the sock

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Extra Information

Manufacturer: WestCare
Material: Polyester and nitrile
Cleaning Instructions: Steve Gloves are washable at 30°C and can be cleaned with alcohol

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