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  • Steve Glide Dolphin

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compression sock aid Steve Glide Dolphin made from blue fabric with a green loop as handle next to its packaging with full color photo on it
compression sock aid Steve Glide Dolphin made from blue fabric with a green loop as handle next to its packaging with full color photo on it Compression Stocking Aid Steve Glide Dolphin - Donning of Compression Socks step 1 of putting on compression sock with Steve Glide Dolphin lady pulls the Steve Glide over her foot donning aid Steve Glide Dolphin resistance-reducing sliding solution for easy donning of compression socks step 2 of donning support hose with Steve Glide Dolphin lady pulls the support hose over the Steve Glide Dolphin step 3 of donning compression stocking with Steve Glide Dolphin lady pulls out the Steve Glide Dolphin under the donned compression sock

Steve Glide Dolphin

Donner for support stockings

As low as A$36.37
The quick and resistance reducing donning aid for compression socks. Suitable for all types of support socks.

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Compression socks aid: the quick Steve Glide Dolphin

Do you wear compression socks but have difficulty putting them on? You may lack the strength to get your stockings on properly, especially when it comes to heavier and stiffer compression socks. With the Steve Glide Dolphin you can reduce this effort to a minimum and put on your socks quickly, easily and completely independently.

Steve Glide Dolphin is the smart gliding solution, suitable for all types of stockings. Simply place your foot into the Steve Glide Dolphin and the compression sock slides right up over your leg. Then remove the Steve Glide Dolphin from under the stocking by pulling the green loop. A high quality product, made of the smoothest and strongest fabric available: Steve Glide Dolphin.

Why choose Steve Glide Dolphin?

  • Easy and quick to put on your socks
  • Minimal effort
  • Suitable for all types of compression socks
  • Very compact
  • Suitable for home care and informal care
  • Easy to wash

TIP: Order the special  Steve Gloves as well, for maximum grip on the compression sock and preventing damage to the stockings.

Famous Dutch Quality

All Steve Originals are developed in The Netherlands. Benefit from the best quality in design and used materials.

Experts by Experience

Developed by and for wearers of medical compression socks. You will experience the difference, our devices work.

Extensive Support

We promise you the best instructions & support. Every person is unique, this is why we offer you a wide range of instructions and videos.

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Need to take off support socks with Steve Glide Dolphin?

You can also use Steve Glide Dolphin to make it easier to doff Don't forget to order the Steve Glide OFF as well. When combined with Steve Glide OFF, the Steve Glide Dolphin also becomes a doffing aid. To take it off, place the Steve Glide Dolphin over the sock and fasten the elastic Steve Glide OFF around the ankle. Then turn the sock over and roll it down the leg.

Comprehensive Instructions

We highly value good instructions. With every product, we provide our comprehensive and illustrated user manual as standard. In addition, you will find various detailed instructional videos on our instructions & videos page.

Do you still have questions or do you encounter a specific problem? We are happy to help because we are convinced that everyone should be able to work with Steve Glide Dolphin!

Steve Glide Dolphin is available in 2 different sizes

For optimum ease of use and comfort, the Steve Gilde Dolphin donning aid is available in 2 different sizes. Are you also ordering Steve Glide OFF? Then chose for size Large.

Do you have any questions about the right size? Please contact us us and we will be happy to assist you!

Size guide

Maximize your level of comfort

Do you have trouble bending over? To maximize your level of comfort we recommend adding Steve Mat to your order. With Steve Mat you can position the heel or toe part of your stocking without having to bend over.

Extra Information

Manufacturer WestCare
Material Nylon with silicone coating
Warranty 6 months
Cleaning Instructions Steve Glide Dolphin is washable at 30 degrees, so easy to clean.

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