Woman positions support stocking using the Steve Mat anti-slip mat

New in the range: Steve Mat anti-slip mat for compression stockings

The Steve Originals range is being expanded with a new product: the Steve Mat. A practical green anti-slip mat, which makes putting on and taking off compression stockings even easier.

Anti-slip mat as an additional aid for putting on and taking off compression socks

The Steve Mat anti-slip mat provides extra support when putting on and taking off your stockings. Place the Steve Mat on the floor in front of you and put your foot on the mat. You can then start putting on or taking off the stocking as you normally would, but without the risk of your foot suddenly slipping.

After putting on the stocking, you can use the mat to position it correctly. For optimal performance of the compression stocking, it is important that it fits correctly on both your leg and foot, because otherwise there is a chance that the pressure will be applied incorrectly. If you have trouble bending over or have very little strength in your hands, it can be difficult to perform this important last step correctly.

Steve Mat offers the solution! You slide your foot back and forth on the non-slip mat until the stocking fits perfectly around your foot. Think, for example, of an open toe stocking, which can pinch at the toe piece if the sock is incorrectly positioned. It is also possible that the heel of the stocking needs to be moved a bit for the perfect fit. You can do all this effortlessly and without bending over or using your hands with the Steve Mat.

Are there any wrinkles left in the fabric of the stocking after putting on? It is important that the compression stocking fits completely smooth around your leg to allow the blood in the veins to flow in the right direction (towards the heart). The Steve Mat is a handy tool to assist with this as well.

Man uses Steve Mat to position the stocking
Man uses Steve Mat to position the heel of the stocking

The Steve Mat is made of natural rubber and therefore has a very strong anti-slip effect on almost all surfaces. It is also sturdy, durable and easy to clean.

Steve Originals for ultimate comfort

All Steve Originals can be used separately from each for putting on and taking off your compression stockings, but certainly also in combination with each other. When you combine different aids with each other, you are assured of ultimate comfort and ease of use.

For example, we always recommend using the Steve Gloves for a good grip on the stocking, but when you add the Steve Mat to this, putting on the stocking will be even easier, especially if you have limited mobility.

Another surprising comfort combination is the Steve Glide Clipper as extra support for the Steve Complete. In this way you can put on even the most rigid stockings, even if you have difficulty bending or have very little strength.