man demonstrates special use of steve glide clipper and steve complete at the same time

Special way of use: Steve Glide Clipper and Steve Complete together

Putting on and taking off medical compression stockings can be a relatively heavy and tiring task, even when you are in perfect health.

When you suffer from a medical condition, staying independent by putting on your own compression socks can get even harder.

However, no reason to give up hope! We are convinced that with a few adjustments and a little bit of extra attention, this should be possible for everyone.

Difficult foot and elastic support stockings

Everybody is different and so are everybody’s feet! In all the years we have been developing aids for compression socks, we have seen so many different types of feet and legs.

Think about a deviant foot shape, for example a high instep or abnormal position of the toes. Or about various medical conditions, such as a diabetic foot, a rheumatic foot or a spastic foot from for example damage after a stroke.

Next to this, there are other conditions like heel spur, what is a spinous calcification that occurs under the heel bone. Or a deflecting big toe from the midline of the foot: called 'Hallux valgus'. Or hammertoes, when toes have a curved shape.

When you are suffering from one of these conditions and you need to wear support stockings, it’s no surprise that you have an extra difficulty level to take into account. This may cause you need to try a little harder and have little more patience before mastering the use of a stocking aid device.

Steve Glide Clipper for extra sliding power

A great idea for all above mentioned issues, is combining the Steve Complete and Steve Glide Clipper. Like you might already know, the Steve Complete makes it possible to put on and take off your compression socks without the need to bend over. Besides that, the Steve Complete works resistance reducing.

However, when you have an abnormal foot shape it can be harder to slide in your stocking, because it’s harder to easily make the turn with your foot.

By adding the Steve Glide Clipper to your routine, you double the sliding power. Good to know: you can use the Steve Glide Clipper for both open and closed-toe stockings, because you remove it on the top of the stocking.

Instructions of use for Steve Glide Clipper

First, you need to prepare your Steve Complete like you are used to. Roll up the stocking on the Steve EasyON and put it away.

Then take the Steve Glide Clipper in your hands and clip the buttons together.

lady takes stocking aid Steve Glide Clipper in her hands
Woman attaches the 4 buttons of the Steve Glide Clippre stockingaid together

Put your foot in the Glide and make sure you can see the label and the green line. In this way you know the right side is facing upwards.

Woman puts foot in the steve glide clipper stockingaid for compression socks
Close-up from woman with foot in the Steve Glide Clipper stocking aid for compression socks

Use the green line to know where your toes need to be. They need to line up with this green line.

Take the elastic band and hang it over your knee.

Now you are ready to go!

Woman takes elastic band of the Steve Glide Clipper stocking aid for compression socks and put's it around her knee
Man demonstrates the use of Steve Glide Clipper and Steve Complete stocking aids for compression socks at the same time

Take your Steve Complete and put your foot in the opening of the stocking.

You will notice the compression sock sliding very easily upwards your leg.

After the stocking has been put on, you can remove the Steve Glide Clipper on the top of the stocking by simply pulling the handles.

Man pulls out Steve Glide Clipper stocking aid out of his compression sock after putting on the stocking

For a quick video instruction we refer you to our Instructions & Videos page.

And then, our final piece of advice: be patient and practice. You might need a few times to practice. This is logical. It’s something new. Please do not give up when you don’t succeed the first, second or third time. Just practice a little more and we are convinced that you will get it at some point. In this way you will get back your independence and healthy legs.