Total range of Steve Originals® donning and stocking aids for compression stockings

Steve offers complete range of donning aids for compression stockings with Steve Originals®

Wearing compression stockings preventively is important for health and prevents major physical discomfort. Putting them on and taking them off can form an obstacle, since this action requires relatively much strength and mobility from the support stocking wearer. With a donning aid from Westcare, this is a thing of the past and it is possible again to put on and take off all types of compression stockings independently.

In addition, research has shown that wearing compression stockings helps against snoring and can prevent sleep apnea. Enough reasons to pay extra attention to leg health!

Importance of compression stockings

In addition to preventive use, compression stockings are often prescribed and worn for medical reasons. In this case, the compression stockings provide support for the less well-functioning blood vessels and lymph. This prevents edema and aggravation of this so-called fluid accumulation, which can result in greater medical complaints, such as the development of wounds on the legs.

In case of heart failure, compression stockings also offer a solution because the compression of the stocking means the heart does not have to pump as hard.

NHS: Legs Matter Week

At least that's what the English think about it. In 2019, Legs Matter Week was created there as a cry for help: a national campaign supported by the NHS (National Health Service). This with the aim of significantly reducing unnecessary suffering, pressure on healthcare and healthcare costs. This concerns suffering that can be prevented by encouraging preventive wearing and prescribing compression stockings.

Once there is an open leg (ulcus cruris), the intensive treatment to heal these wounds takes an average of 60 days, which logically entails high costs. In addition, support stockings must now be worn as a follow-up treatment for leg ulcers. The total costs for wound care in the Netherlands amount to 3.6 billion Euros, with open legs being responsible for 30% of this expenditure. Healthcare costs that could largely have been prevented by wearing compression stockings preventively.

Total range of donning aids for compression stockings

WestCare is aware of the problem that many compression stocking wearers face and has been focusing since 2006 on developing and manufacturing a unique total range of donning aids. For example, there are resistance-reducing and arm-lengthening donning aids and donning aids for stockings with an open or closed toe. There is a suitable solution available for every situation and wallet.

Steve Grip Gloves

Indispensable for every compression stocking wearer, caregiver or healthcare professional who has to deal with compression stockings are the Steve gloves, which provide maximum grip on the stocking. Since compression stockings are very tight and stiff, bare hands slide too easily over the stocking. Both the stocking wearer and the stocking itself benefit from using the gloves. The wearer has to apply less force and prevents unnecessary pulling on the stocking, which puts the stretchability and longevity of the stocking to the test. In addition, this also prevents unnecessary damage by, for example, nails or jewelry. The Steve gloves are available in two variants: latex and latex-free, which means that there is also a solution for users with a latex allergy.

STEVE Grip Gloves for Compression Stockings
STEVE Glide Dolphin donning aid for compression stockings

Steve Glide Clipper and Steve Glide Dolphin

For the compression stocking wearer looking for that little bit of extra support, there are the Steve Glide Dolphin and the new Steve Glide Clipper. These competitively priced donning aids work according to the "slide" principle. You place the foot in the donning aid and the stocking over it. Then you can easily remove the Glide between the stocking and the leg. The Steve Glide Dolphin can be used with stockings with an open toe and the Steve Glide Clipper is suitable for stockings with both open and closed toes.

Compression stocking donning aid Steve EasyON

WestCare strives for the widest possible deployability and a solution for everyone who has to do with compression stockings. This also applies to home and informal care with the donning aid Steve EasyON, a hygienic aid that virtually removes the physical strain when putting on compression stockings on someone else. This in turn improves absenteeism among healthcare workers.

Total solution for putting on compression stockings: Steve Complete

The Steve Complete donning aid offers optimum support for putting on and taking off compression stockings independently. This total solution is extremely suitable for compression stocking wearers who cannot bend over and have limited strength in their hands and arms.