7 tips for putting on and taking off compression stockings

7 Tips for putting on and taking off compression stockings

To ensure proper medical performance of your compression stockings, it is important that they fit very closely. This is also the reason why it can be difficult to put on the stockings. In addition, it is very important to wear the stockings consistently and therefore every day. If not, the swelling in the ankles and legs may actually get worse instead of improving. We are happy to give you a number of tips to make putting on and taking off the stockings easier.

1. Put on your stockings before you start your day

Your legs are the least swollen after a night's sleep, as gravity has not yet had a chance to transfer blood or fluid to your legs. Therefore, make sure that you put on your compression stockings immediately after waking up. Have you already got out of bed? Then lie down or possibly sit with your legs up before putting on the compression stockings.

2. Shower at night

It may sound strange, but showering at night has several benefits. When you shower in the evening, you do not have to do this in the morning and you can put on your compression stockings right from bed. It also prevents you from putting on compression stockings with a damp leg.

3. Use talcum powder or cornstarch

If your legs are damp or too dry, it may help to apply a thin layer of talcum powder or cornstarch to your legs. This way the stocking slides more easily over your leg.

4. Watch out for ointment or cream

The (natural) rubber in your stocking cannot withstand grease (ointment or cream). Would you like to grease your legs or hands? Do this before going to sleep and not just before you want to put on the stockings.

5. Use gloves

The use of special grip gloves ensures that you have more grip on the stocking. This way you don't have to pull as hard on the stocking, so that unnecessary stretching of the stocking is prevented. You also prevent damage from nails or jewelry. This extends the life of the stocking. Good to know: STEV offers both latex and latex-free gloves. 

6. Smooth out folds and wrinkles from bottom to top

Wrinkled compression stockings can actually cause pain instead of providing support. So make sure that the stocking is smooth around the leg, but do not do this by pulling at the top of the stocking. In this way you can stretch the stocking unnecessarily and thus damage it. If there are many wrinkles in the stocking, it is best to remove the stocking and try again.

7. Use a tool

It is possible to put on and take off compression stockings without aids, but this is often anything but easy. This is not recommended, especially if you have difficulty bending over or if you have little strength in your hands or arms. It is therefore better to find a tool that suits you. There are several drag-reducing aids, such as the Steve Glide Clipper and the Steve Glide Dolphin. For optimum comfort, choose the Steve Complete total solution. This aid is in fact both arm lengthening and resistance lowering.