Steve Originals Comfort Pack

Steve Originals Comfort Pack: For maximum stocking aid comfort

When you want to take full advantage of the effect of your medical compression socks, it is very important to wear them on a daily basis. Being consistent is key. Every morning, the first thing you need to do is put on your support stockings.
Next to this, the stocking needs to fit very tightly around the leg, which makes putting them on and taking them off a tough job.

With the help of the Steve Originals®, compression sock donning and doffing becomes a simple part of your daily routine instead of something you are reluctant to!

To provide you with a maximum level of comfort, we have composed the ultimate Steve Originals Comfort Pack.
This package exists of our Steve Complete donning and doffing aid and is additionally supplemented with lots of extra’s that will truly make putting on and taking off compression stockings a breeze. This all of course, for a special price.

Which support stocking wearers benefit from this?

This pack is especially recommended when you have very little strength in your hands and arms or a deviant hand- or arm function. As well when you have a deviant foot shape, for example a high instep or abnormal position of the toes.

Even when you suffer from backpain or limited mobility, rheumatism or arthritis: this package makes it possible to put on and take off your own therapeutic elastic stockings completely independent.

What support stocking aids and accessories are in the pack?

The pack includes:
- Steve Complete
- Steve Glide Clipper
- Steve Grip Gloves latex
- Steve Mat non-slip mat
- Steve Travelbag

All Steve Originals can be used separately from each other, but when you combine different aids you are assured of ultimate comfort and ease of use.

We for example always recommend using the Steve Gloves for maximum grip on the stocking. When you add the new Steve Mat non-slip mat, you will benefit from even more support when it comes to positioning the heel and toe part of the stocking. It's really easy to do some adjustments without the need to bend over. 


Steve Complete and Steve Glide Clipper together for the difficult foot

Expand your stocking-putting routine with the Steve Glide Clipper.

When you use Steve Complete and Steve Glide Clipper together, compression socks from the highest pressure class will slide easily up the leg, even when you have a deviating foot- or toe shape and difficulty bending or have very little strength.


We created a how to video about the use of the Steve Glide Clipper and Steve Complete together, which you can watch in our instructions & videos page.