Woman puts on compression stocking using Steve EasyON.

How to put on a tigh-high compression stockings with Steve EasyON donner and doffer

Do you wear compression stockings up to the groin and do you dread putting them on and taking them off every day? In that case, a donning aid can offer a solution. With the help of a donning aid, putting on the stockings takes much less strength and effort and you can wear them in no time. Donning aid Steve EasyON is a resistance-reducing aid and can be used with all types of stockings. It is suitable for stockings with open and closed toes and for both knee and groin stockings. In addition, Steve EasyON  is a sustainable and hygienic choice, because this donning aid is easy to clean and disinfect and lasts a long time.

This blog explains step-by-step how the Steve EasyON works. Would you rather watch a video? Watch the Steve EasyON instruction video here.

Stocking aid Steve EasyON - how does it work?

  • Take the elastic stocking with the heel pointing towards you and turn the collar of the stocking so that you can easily hold the stocking.
    Woman turns over edge of compression stocking. 
  • Place the (groin) stocking in the Steve EasyON and first slide the turned-up collar over the Steve EasyON at the back. Then pull the (groin) stocking down.

Woman places support stocking over the STEVE+ easyON.

Woman pulls STEVE grip gloves.

Roll up the (groin) stocking evenly, until the heel of the groin stocking is halfway over the edge of the Steve EasyON.

Woman strips support stocking on STEVE+ easyON.

  • Check that the heel of the groin stocking is in the middle.

Woman checks the position of the heel of the compression stocking on the STEVE+ easyON.

Woman places STEVE+ on the floor.

  • Make sure you are stable and hold on to, for example, a table or chair.

Woman grabs chair for balance in order to put on her stocking with stockingaid STEVE+ easyON.

  • Insert your foot into the opening of the stocking.

Woman puts foot in the opening of the compression stocking which is attached to the STEVE+ easyON.

And press your heel to the floor. The stocking is now around your foot and ankle.

Woman presses heel to the floor so that the compression stocking is placed around the foot and ankle.

  • Sit on a chair and enclose the Steve EasyON with both hands.

Woman takes a seat on a chair with compression stocking around the foot and ankle.

  • Now gently slide the Steve EasyON up your leg in a back and forth motion.

The woman moves the STEVE+ easyON upwards so that the compression stocking unrolls around the leg.

  • Put the donning aid away.

Woman puts away the STEVE+ easyON donning aid.

Now take the upper part of the groin stocking and pull it up the last part up to your groin.

Woman folds the upper part of the groin stocking around the leg.

Now rub possible wrinkles and folds out of the compression stocking with your hands.

Woman rubs the last wrinkles out of the stocking with STEVE gloves.

And the compression stocking up to the groin is on!

Woman sits on chair and has put on compression stocking to groin with STEVE+ easyON.

Steve EasyON is the ideal aid for when you are looking for a quick and easy donning aid and you have no trouble bending over or standing on one leg.

Got curious? Discover Steve EasyON for yourself now!

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