Lady putting on her stocking with Steve Glide dolphin stocking aid.

Sock aids for compression stockings (2022 guide)

Putting on compression stockings is often seen as a difficult task. It requires dexterity and effort and you must be able to bend over. The compression socks (also called support stockings) are available in different pressure classes and are intended to support blood circulation. The higher the pressure class, the more pressure the stocking exerts on the leg or arm and the firmer and stiffer the stocking becomes. This means that putting on and taking off the compression stocking often involves a relatively heavy physical effort and it can therefore be nice to get the right help.

Help from home care?

Perhaps you are currently experiencing difficulties when putting on your compression stockings and are thinking of engaging a healthcare professional or informal carer to help you with this. This is of course an option, but it often also means that you have to give up some freedom and independence. What time does the caregiver come to put on the stockings? If the help comes too late, you run the risk that your legs are already swollen and the stocking no longer offers sufficient effect. And what time do they come back to take off your stockings so you can go to bed? In addition, home care organizations are currently extremely busy. The demand for home care is high now that regular care in hospitals is starting up again. At the same time, there is a high level of absenteeism among staff due to the corona pandemic.

Remaining self-reliant with a good aid is often a better alternative!

Putting on compression stockings with an aid

If you have trouble putting on and taking off your compression stockings, it is a good idea to look for a suitable aid. There are various donning aids available, each with its own level of support. From practical gloves for more grip on the stocking, to total solutions that limit the effort of the support stocking wearer as much as possible. There are also different options for the latter category, whereby it is important to take your personal situation into account. How is your mobility, for example? Do you have a lot or little power? Can you bend easily or not? And if so, how far can you bend?

Discover below which types of tools are available.

Steve Grip Gloves

The special Steve Gloves Grip Gloves are a must-have for anyone dealing with compression stockings. The gloves offer maximum grip on the stocking, so you don't have to exert as much force when putting it on or taking it off. This prevents the elastic in the compression stockings from stretching unnecessarily and your stockings last longer. In addition, you prevent damage to the stocking by, for example, nails or jewelry, which also benefits the life of the stocking.

The Steve Gloves Grip gloves are available in latex and latex-free versions and in 5 different sizes.


Steve Glides: sliding bag solutions for putting on compression stockings

Within the Steve Originals® range there are two different sliding solutions available: the Steve Glide Dolphin and the Steve Glide Clipper. The Steve Glides are fast and resistance reducing donning aids for a smaller wallet.

With the traditional Steve Glide Dolphin you can easily and quickly put on all types of compression stockings. This aid is particularly suitable for putting on stockings with an open toe.

The new and innovative Steve Glide Clipper with patented clip closure can, unlike the Steve Glide Dolphin, be removed from the top of the stocking and is therefore also ideal for putting on stockings with a closed toe.

Add the Steve Glide OFF to your Steve Glide and you will have support when taking off your compression stockings as well.


Steve EasyON donning aid for compression stockings


With the Steve EasyON donning aid can be used for all types of stockings and you reduce the effort to a minimum. Steve EasyON is the solution if you are looking for a resistance-reducing aid for easy donning of your compression stockings and the durable alternative of the Steve Glides.

Steve EasyON is also the solution for putting on therapeutic elastic arm stockings.

Steve Complete: the total solution for compression stockings

Donning aid Steve Complete is the most comfortable donning aid for compression stockings, with which you can easily put on and take off all types of stockings without having to bend over.


Compression stocking aids and accessories


New in the range is the Steve Mat. A practical green non-slip mat that allows you to position the heel or toe of your stocking without bending over, so you can always be sure of a perfect fit of the stocking.

And do you often go on a trip or a weekend away? Always take your Steve Originals® tools with you easily in the Steve Travel bag.

Putting on compression stockings on someone else

Are you a caregiver or do you work as a healthcare professional? Even then, a donning aid can offer a solution. Putting on compression stockings on someone else also involves physical exertion. Special gloves are often already used for extra grip on the stocking, but there are more tools available that can ease the putting on of support stockings in another person.


Decision aid

It may be overwhelming to make a choice between all the available tools, but that's why we developed our decision aid. After answering a few simple questions, you will know which donning aid suits you best!

Good to know: there are also sock aids available that you can use to put on normal socks, stockings and tights. A handy solution for when you have trouble bending over.