Advise to choose the right stocking aid device

Compression sock aids: the decision tree

If you wear compression stockings on a daily basis, chances are that putting them on and taking them off is something you dread. The stocking should be tight around the leg (or arm), but that also means that a lot of force is needed to get the sock on. By using the right smart aid, it becomes easier to put on sock and stockings independently by significantly reducing the required force and making the operation a lot more comfortable. In addition, you prevent possible damage to both the stockings and the skin.

Different types of donning an doffing aids

There are many different types of compression sock aids available that assist in putting on and taking off compression stockings. For example, resistance-reducing aids and arm-lengthening aids are available. In addition, a distinction can also be made between tools for stockings with an open or closed toe. But what exactly is the difference, how do they work and which one is most suitable for your situation?

Gloves for putting on compression stockings

To start with, it is wise to wear gloves when you put on and take off the stockings. Thanks to special gloves with an anti-slip layer, you have maximum grip on the stocking. This ensures pressure retention of the stocking because you do not have to pull that hard on the stocking anymore. You also prevent damage to the stocking by, for example, your nails or jewelry, which considerably extends the life of the stockings. The Steve gloves are a must for any compression stocking wearer or nurse and are available in both latex and latex-free.

“Glide” solution for compression stockings

After gloves, the simplest donning aid is the so-called “slide” solution. This aid of ultra-smooth fabric ensures that the stocking slides more easily over the foot and takes less effort to put on and take off. There is an open-toe stocking version (Steve Glide Dolphin) and a closed-toe stocking version (Steve Glide Clipper) of this type of tool. Do you have no trouble bending over and are you looking for a simple, fast and competitively priced solution for putting on your compression stockings? Then a Steve glide offers you the support you are looking for.

Steve Complete compression stocking aid: the total solution

Do you have back problems or in any other way difficulty bending over? Or do you have limited strength in your hands and arms? In that case, the Steve Complete total solution is the right donning and application aid for you. With the help of this donning aid, putting on and taking off compression stockings takes minimal strength and effort. Take a seat on a chair that is not too high, tilt the Steve Complete towards you and put your foot in the stocking. Then use back and forth motions to pull the Steve Complete with the stocking up your leg. Thanks to the arm-lengthening handles, you don't have to bend over and you can easily roll the stocking around your leg.

Compression sock aid decision tree

You can use the decision aid to clarify the differences between the available donning aids and to make it easier to choose the right aid. By answering a few simple questions, the decision tree will guide you to the donning aid which is most suitable for your specific situation. Two different decision trees are available: one for when you are looking for a donning aid with which you can put on compression stockings yourself and one for when you want to put on or take off compression stockings from someone else.